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FAQs and Tips about Personal Injury Lawsuit Loans

Most frequently people apply for personal injury lawsuit loans in order to get financial relief while the case is pending. Unfortunately, these cases are commonly tangled and long so you also need to have a professional lawyer as well as a PI who will help you find the right evidence and build your case to win it. Below we prepared several FAQs about personal injury lawsuit loans to help you understand the basics.

Can my attorney loan me money?

According to Jeff Mass lawyer this is one of the most common questions of his clients. Based on the rules of professional ethics attorneys are prohibited from loaning money to their client. If an attorney agrees to do so, he or she basically creates a situation of a conflict of interest.

In case of a private investigator the same rule applies.

What role does my lawyer play in the whole loan process?

As a rule, there is a requirement that your attorney agrees to cooperate with the loan company otherwise getting your loan will be an even longer and more complicated process. It happens because any loan company has a direct financial interest in your specific case, consequently the company will want all of your case details before signing you the loan. You file will be very carefully studied and any further details will have to be discussed only with an attorney.

How does the loan process work?

As a rule you will not have to provide any additional collateral because your injury will be one. The same idea is held for your credit rating. In this case it does not matter what kind of credit story you have as long as your settlement is sufficient to repay the loan. According to the private investigative companies this is one of the greatest benefits of personal injury lawsuit loans – the high possibility of getting them.

Useful Tips for Those who Plan to Apply for a Loan

1. Try to find the lowest interest rate for your loan but be very careful with all the hidden administrative fees.
2. Never deal with loan brokers because you will have to pay their fees to. It is highly advised to cooperate directly with a personal injury lawsuit loan company.
3. Make sure that you know the direct amount that your loan will cost you once the case finally is settled.
4. Never sign any contracts and legal documents unless you understand every word and your lawyer has checked them.
5. Always listen to your lawyer because he or she is the only person who actually looks out for your best interests. Listen to the advice and counsel that you get.

Lillian Curry is a content developer for a number of online content networks (featuring the likes of Mass Tsang), who writes about various legal topics and areas alike. A proud traveler of online space and an influential blogger in everything related to the legal issues.


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