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How to exculpate drunk driving charges: the practice

Professional lawyers heard the stories about erroneous accusal in drunk driving from their clients for so many times. It also happens that police do not provide all the facts and the like. Most people, who got into the status of the accused, had an unusual story that led to the indictment against them. Very often, the stories of the accused look so unreal and unfounded that the chances to be accepted by the court as a truth are reduced to zero.

Besides, many people do not want to go to the court but to settle a case before a trial. These means that they have to pay for erroneously calculated traffic tickets. In this case, only professional lawyer can explain the situation to a court in written. When the court completely drops off all charges the accused person is set free from the obligation to pay for traffic tickets and court fees.

Read about measures to be taken to prevent DUI driving.


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