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Preventing drink driving and driving under the influence of drugs

DUI is a real problem of the modern world. Therefore, MADD of Canada calls for the creation of a new system to detect and prevent the situations driving under the influence of drugs, which is becoming increasingly common problem, especially among young drivers. Let us consider this issue with experts dealing with DUI ticket in Mississauga. Read more about professional legal services if you, or your kids have problems with traffic tickets.

A survey conducted in 2013 by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health showed that only 4% of Ontario pupils admitted that they got behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, while nearly 10% admitted that they drove the car after smoking cannabis. It looked like they did not know that both kinds of violation of the driving rules are equally dangerous, but detection and arrest of people under the influence of cannabis or other drug was considered a much harder crime than finding people intoxicated by alcohol.

Road police is currently entitled to carry out a physical coordination test, as well as tests for drugs, but these tests require specialized preparation, take a long time to be executed, but collected during the test evidences are often not accepted in the court.

Therefore, experts from Mississauga assume that it is important to start fighting with impaired drivers before their appearance on the road. In this regard driving schools should instills the future drivers skills of safe driving and awareness of the entire depth of the dangers of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Drunk driving is widely recognized as dangerous, while many young people believe that driving under the influence of soft drugs is not considerer equally dangerous. This is erroneous and criminal misleading, thats is why driving instructors must do everything possible to ensure that their students understand the full range of responsibility and the danger of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and were able to resist any temptations that threaten the safety on the roads.

Stacey Hardy for about dealing with DUI ticket in Mississauga.

Read how to exculpate drunk driving charges.


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